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  • Action needed: D St Bike Lanes Survey by City of Petaluma

Action needed: D St Bike Lanes Survey by City of Petaluma

  • Wednesday, October 26, 2022 10:47 PM
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    TLDR: The City of Petaluma is seeking feedback related to D St. safety updates.  As cyclists, I thought it would be important for our group to chime in on the proposed bike lane options for D St from Petaluma Blvd South heading up to Sunnyslope / El Rose Dr.:

    1. no bike lanes in favor of wide parking lanes
    2. a bike lane in one direction in favor of parking lanes on both sides
    3. bike lanes in both directions but only parking on one side (which could alternate from one side of D St to another side, creating slight curves on D St which could help slow down speeding traffic)
    4. buffered / protected bike lines both directions but no parking on D St

    The above, as well as other topics, are being decided by the City of Petaluma – very, very soon!  Especially if you live near or on D St, or use D St. for your cycling routes, please voice your opinions asap on the survey by clicking on the link:


    I've copied and pasted much of the info on the survey below for those who want a preview before completing the survey.  I completed the survey and it took me about 4 minutes - it's quick and easy and important to have your voice heard.  Thank you!  

    - - - - - - -

    D Street Traffic Calming & Active Transportation Quick-Build Project

    Petaluma Boulevard South to City Limits

    D Street serves an important role as a gateway between the countryside and Petaluma. The historic residential street is used by up to 9,500 vehicles per day and is traveled along and across by many people on foot and bike, including children and families accessing nearby parks and schools. Unfortunately, D Street was recently identified as part of Sonoma County's High Injury Network, meaning traffic collisions on D Street occur more frequently and with greater injury severity relative to most Sonoma County roads.

    We are seeking community input on proposed traffic calming, pedestrian, and bicycle improvements that can be installed quickly using low-cost, flexible materials. Quick-build projects (also referred to as "pilot" or "demonstration" projects) give the community a chance to experience proposed changes, then provide feedback before we move forward with long-lasting improvements through a planned road reconstruction project that could take place as soon as 2025, pending funding.

    Project goals:

    1. Implement traffic calming fixes that will deliver immediate safety benefits, and
    2. Seek input on and test street design elements to inform a future road reconstruction project that will take place following sewer and water main replacement projects in 2024.

    D Street Traffic Calming & Active Transportation Quick-Build Project

    Baseline Project Elements

    After reviewing speed surveys, collision history, and community feedback received thus far, the City has identified several baseline project elements that would help improve safety and slow traffic without significantly changing the roadway characteristics or operations. These improvements include:

    • Speed Feedback Signs and Speed Reduction Lane Markings to make drivers aware of their speed
    • Parking prohibition near intersections and crosswalks to improve visibility
    • Crosswalk enhancements at all existing crosswalks to shorten crossing distance and improve visibility

    Following the October 18 Community Workshop, the City is also evaluating the feasibility of installing new crosswalks at 10th and 12 Streets, as well as additional traffic calming and bike lane enhancements between City Limits and Sunnyslope Ave. / El Rose Dr.

    D Street Traffic Calming & Active Transportation Quick-Build Project

    Traffic Diverters (4th and/or 5th Streets)

    The City is seeking feedback on the potential installation of traffic diverters at the 4th and/or 5th Street intersections due to high rates of collisions involving people attempting to cross or turn left onto D Street at these locations.

    Traffic diverters would have the following impacts:

    • Prohibit drivers from making left turns off D Street onto 4th and/or 5th Streets.
    • Require drivers to make a right turn only off 4th and/or 5th Streets (prohibit crossing D Street or turning left onto D Street)
    • People on foot and bike would still be able to cross D Street at these locations, with the added benefit of a median refuge area.

    D Street Traffic Calming & Active Transportation Quick-Build Project

    Bike Lane & Parking Options (Sunnyslope Ave. / El Rose Dr. to Petaluma Blvd. South)

    The City is seeking feedback on the lane configuration from Sunnyslope Ave. / El Rose Dr. to Petaluma Blvd. South. D Street is identified as a bike route in the City's Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, but bike lanes and on-street parking cannot be provided in both directions due to limited right-of-way.

    Please rate each of the following lane configurations on a scale of 1 (Strongly Oppose) to 5 (Strongly Support):

    7. No Bike Lanes; Wide Parking Lanes in Both Directions

    Strongly Oppose Oppose Neutral Support Strongly Support

    8. Bike Lane in One Direction; Parking in Both Directions

    Strongly Oppose Oppose Neutral Support Strongly Support

    9. Bike Lanes in Both Directions; Parking in One Direction

    Strongly Oppose Oppose Neutral Support Strongly Support

    10. Buffered or Protected Bike Lanes in Both Directions; No Parking


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