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  • Monday, July 16, 2018 12:44 PM
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    To Rich Harm:

    Rich, I'm hopeful PWCC messaging guidelines will permit the following:

    "Hi Bob:  Go for it.  As a member in need I don't see where anyone would have a problem with your posting.  Good luck.  Rich"

    Dear Friends,

    Gaye and I have come to a fork in our road wherein we find ourselves, as of Sept. 6th, in need of a place to live.

    One year ago I sold my home to a couple in the belief and understanding our PEP Housing would be available within a year.  We signed a lease with the buyers based on that PEP advisement.  It now turns out that it will be a longer period of time before we move into PEP Housing.  Our current lessors are unwilling to extend our lease.

    Currently we are comfortably living in 700 square feet, so something more or less would work nicely for us.  Either furnished or unfurnished would be okay.

    Our tot budget for net rent is $1600/month.  We do not have any pets.

    Your help or assistance in finding living space will be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,

    Gaye and Bob

    Gaye Kelly: 510/369-0542

    Bob Stires: 707/477-1158

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